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How we started:

Jax hats was thought up, created and established in 2007. Designer Jackie Priess wanted to make a cute hat for her two daughters, Adrienne and Bethany Priess. Using a sweater which was on its way to the THRIFT store she created the first hat and all her daughter's friends raved about them. Thats when JAX hats business was born. Starting out at local markets and home parties JAX is now becoming an international brand with women, men, children and babies all rockin these stylish recycled hats.


After Jackie started building her business at a quick rate she enlisted the help of her HUSBAND Paul and daughters ADRIENNE  and BETHANY. Both daughters created a branch of the family business spreading the love of fashion and upcycling! A family that SEWS together stays together!


JAX mission is to save the world from ugly sweaters one hat at a time! Keeping ugly clothing out of the landfill and remaking into stylish wearable upcycled ART. 


JAX believes in GIVING BACK and feeling good. Feel good about your purchase from JAX. Every quarter Jax donates hats to a local charity or organization. JAX also participates in raffles and auctions at each craft event.


JAX has a special relationship with Cancer Societies of America and now donates to the treatment centers. 


Not only are you saving the environment, helping people feel beautiful but are you also boosting your economy by shopping local and supporting small business'! You are our HEROS!





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