Today we take a closer look at TRASH

TRASHLAB Miniwiz in Taipei Taiwan

For thousands of years, trash has been discriminated against, labeled as waste, worthy only of disposal. But at a company in Taipei Taiwan, Miniwiz is thinking the exact opposite-in fact, it's in the trash that they trust. Because trash equals possibility. The possibility of a circular and sustainable economy and a cleaner, brighter future for us and the generations to follow-but only if we learn how to work with it, rather than discard it. And in order to learn, first, we must get to know it, and intimately . So for this very reason, 12 years ago they built TRASHLAB, the world's only laboratory dedicated exclusively to unlocking the upcycling potential of this abundant but deeply damaging resource.

MINIWIZ designers and engineers have invented over 1200 sustainable materials and developed a smart recycling system,

MINIWIZ invents 20 new materials every month using the world's richest resource-trash. Every day our teams experiment in the Trash Lab to build our material portfolio, a vast collection with unlimited possibilities of scaled application, at an even higher performance than the traditional carbon- heavy materials currently deployed in our global system.

-TRASHLAB is the place we cook up material miracles every single day, exploring hundreds of recipes before finding the highest performance outcomes. Inventing new machinery, imagining new techniques and molecular treatments are all part of our daily routine reflecting our tireless commitment to our goal-creating a truly circular economy . And most importantly, it's all with zero toxicity and can be re-recycled again.